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kitsch rules tonite...

olivia newton john - xanadu

the finale from the 80's movie, currently reborn as a hit broadway play (where, we understand, they play it for laughs).

at least here you get to see gene kelly on roller skates...

happy blgiversary

to left i on the news!

5 years, and that's 102 in blog years! here's to another 5 years!

you know things are bad if you're a repubbblican and even howard kurtz disses you

john mcmuffin's latest ad campaign (comparing barack "to the future" obama w/paris & britney) has drawn the ire of most dems and progressives.

but worse for mcmuffin, the usually-gop-brown-nosed howard kurtz thinks it's dumb:

at the same time, analysts questioned what message mccain was sending by interspersing footage of his democratic opponent before a huge crowd in berlin with that of two socialites famous for their irresponsible antics.

"i don't get it," said ken goldstein, a professor of political science at the university of wisconsin at madison. "is it valid to go after barack obama on inexperience, being a bit glib, perhaps even a bit arrogant for doing the european tour? absolutely. but you just sound dopey when you put paris hilton in an ad."

shanto iyengar, a professor of political science and communications at stanford university, said mccain needs "to come up with a more affirmative narrative for his candidacy -- why is he running? what does he stand for? -- before going after barack obama." but he added: "mccain has lost the free media contest over the past couple of weeks; he's desperate to make the news, and controversial attacks are more newsworthy than boilerplate positive ads."

we have to agree. and, apparently, so do independent voters, the bloc that mcmuffin needs the most. joe gandelman at the moderate voice:

john avalon, who is perhaps the most prominent independent political book writer, columnist and speaker in the u.s. today, has told cnn that republican party presumptive nominee sen. john mccain’s negative ads against rival democratic sen. barack obama could cost him the support of independent voters.

independent voters need to read this story in full, but here’s a meaty excerpt with a few comments from yours truly (who was described in a recent book on california arnold schwarzenegger as a quintessential california independent voter):

q: how does the negative campaigning play with independent voters?

avlon: independent voters are very sensitive to when politics takes a negative turn. and you know it’s august, and the heat’s turning up on the campaign trail, and so is the rhetoric.

but candidates need to be very careful, because hypocrisy is the unforgivable sin in politics. both john mccain and barack obama have campaigned as being a break from the politics of personal destruction we’ve seen in the past. so, whenever the campaign takes a negative turn, independent voters notice, and they’ll punish the candidate that takes it too far.
gandelman's co-blogger elrod also thinks mcmuffin is "setting his own trap" w/the celebrity gambit.

the catch, however, is that barack obama is an extremely intelligent man. and in october, american voters are going to see that in three debates. there is no way you can watch him in a sit-down interview, or a one-on-one debate and conclude that he is a ditz over his head. you might disagree with his positions. and he might squirm if cornered on a few ambush questions. but you’ll never get the feeling that he’s unable to think through complex political issues on his feet. so, mccain is actually lowering the bar for obama in the debates.

in fact, this whole gambit is reminiscent of jimmy carter’s 1980 campaign against ronald reagan. carter regularly mocked reagan as a b-list hollywood actor with no brains. for much of the summer the charge worked. the polls were tied, even in the height of the iran hostage crisis and economic problems. but then came the debate. and reagan showed himself in command of the issues, poised under fire, and reasonable. reagan pulled away the last week and won by 10 points.
and the kurtz piece mentions:

even some mccain allies have winced at the paris/britney spot. republican strategist dan schnur, a former mccain adviser, said that "most voters won't see the parallels between a presidential candidate and two party girls. so a legitimate point about inexperience gets lost in the appearance of name-calling."

still, mccain has succeeded in using meager ad buys to generate free news coverage.

evan tracey of the campaign media analysis group said the ad on the canceled troops visit, which dominated cable news for days, has aired just nine times.

"if you're running against a rock star and have a huge disadvantage in money, you do the oldest trick in the book," goldstein said.
well, we thought prostitution was the oldest trick in the book. oh wait, this is politics after all.

Friday, August 01, 2008

skippy's friday nite music club

jenny lewis & the watson twins - rise up with fists

interesting video making fun of hee haw, and since jenny & the twins are part of the new alt-folk scene, it works. but what the hell is sarah silverman doing there?

we like jenny's solo work much better than her stuff w/rilo kiley; maybe it's because she was a former child actress, and skippy can relate.

technical difficulties? must be a lefty conspiracy!

skippy junior, as you may know, is the temporary home of skippy international, and eveyone who has made their way here (both of you) are aware that blogger has blogged up and incorrectly "locked" several blogs, which were mistakenly designated as "spam blogs" by the blogger bots.

on today's blogger buzz page, there was this message:

spam fridays

while we wish that every post on this blog could be about cool features or other blogger news, sometimes we have to step in and admit a mistake.

we've noticed that a number of users have had their blogs mistakenly marked as spam, and wanted to sound off real quick to let you know that, despite it being friday afternoon, we are working hard to sort this out. so to those folks who have received an email saying that your blog has been classified as spam and can't post right now, we offer our sincere apologies for the trouble.

we hope to have this resolved shortly, and appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks.
apparently, some hardly-ever-right wing blogs have been locked also. so what do the rightists do? of course: blame the left.

tell me once more how progressives love free speech.

this blog has been locked due to possible blogger terms of service violations. you may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked. this blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.
its the same message concrete bob received and rosemary posted for him.

this is bulls**t as it appears that someone does not approve of the idea of free speech especially when the speech doesn't conform to their ideas.

online activists thought to be loyal to barack obama are once against using google's software tools to target rival political blogs for elimination as spam blogs. this occurred earlier this year when democratic bloggers with a preference for hillary clinton also found themselves locked out of their own blogs, all because of spurious and apparently orchestrated claims that these blogs are spam blogs. pro-obama activists were blamed for those attempts at censorship as well.

like john at argghhh!, i don't think for a second that the obama campaign has any official knowledge of this attempt to hamstring or terminate rival political viewpoints, but as obama once won an election by exercising procedural tricks to have his rivals thrown off the ballot, it is certainly in line with the kind of character he has displayed in the past.

that's right. a world-wide breakdown of cyber communication has to be because of obama supporters. because after all, those uppity negro-lovers are just clever enought to shut down a handful of small-traffic rightist blogs, without being able to disable fox or rush limbaugh's blog or anything, because, come on, confederate yankee is soooooo threatening to our fearless leader's socialist agenda.

who's writing confederate yankee these days? joe lieberman?

(tip o the kangaroo tail to tbogg for the heads up about this nefarious conspiracy!)

vote now!

usatoady is running a poll: who released the first negative ad?

go vote at the bottom of the article, tho you may not need to. at this point, the repubbbs are leading, 77% to 17%

brother, can you spare a job?

while the great echo chamber makes fun of tires, the real stories, as usual, are getting the short shrift.

unemployment rises to almost 6% as job losses mount. nytimes:

the nation’s employers eliminated 51,000 jobs in july, the seventh consecutive contraction in the labor market, as the unemployment rate reached a four-year high, signs that the pressure on business owners and consumers was likely to continue…

the rough job market worsened in july, with the unemployment rate rising to 5.7 percent from 5.5 percent in june, its highest level since march 2004.

“it’s not that unemployment is rising because a lot of people are coming into the labor force,” mark zandi, the chief economist at moody’s, said. “it’s rising because employment is falling.”

of course, obstinates among us are saying that it's a good labor report, because the number of unemployed was way under the expected 75,000. but that's rather like saying, well, mrs. lincoln, there was only one shot to the head.

(links via memeorandum)

How Did This Happen?

Hello, folks. It's me, Jim. And I have no idea what Blogger is doing with skippy's main blog. All I'm certain of is that skippy's being railroaded.

Had this happened at some earlier time, I would have automatically assumed it was something I wrote that caused it -- I've mutated into a bit of a black sheep over the years. But I haven't contributed any posts lately, in large part because I feel like I'm the black sheep of the flock, so I don't think I had anything to do with it. Therefore, what is going on?

In the meantime, skippy's more than welcome to ply his trade at my own blog, Mockingbird's Medley, both until and after the issues with his blog are settled. (I decided not to take away any of my own contributors' keys after the second time I quit blogging -- now it turns out there was a good reason why.)

Til further on -- and good luck with Blogger, skippy...

Thursday, July 31, 2008


godsmack - whatever - live!

live at camp pendleton...w/special guest shredder sgt. wesley dimwitty


to spook and muffin's relaxed politics


we are as proud as a platypus for our blog buddy mad kane, whom bob newhart hand-picked to win the 2008 robert benchely award for humor.

mr. benchley himself wasn't available for judging, having died in 1945, but had he been, we are sure he would have agreed w/bob and given mad the award.

mad tells us:

back in june i was thrilled to announce that i was a 2008 robert benchley society award for humor competition finalist. (the humor column that got me onto the finalists list is guide for the opera impaired.)

well, i’m now beyond thrilled because bob newhart, the finalists judge, picked me as the first prize winner.

mr. newhart even sent me a handwritten personal note (reproduced below) explaining why he named me for the top robert benchley society humor award.

right now i’m verging on euphoria —a dangerous condition for a satirist. but just to be mentioned in the same sentence as mr. benchley and mr. newhart is almost beyond comprehension.
be sure to visit mad kane's site for a look at the hand-written note bob newhart sent to her, which, we are sure, will pull in a pretty penny on ebay!

congrats, mad! we are so happy for you!



We are so sorry but Blogger has locked Skippy the Bush Kangaroo until further notice.

For some reason the Blogger bots have determined that Skippy is a "spam blog." Or else they are in cahoots w/Karl Rove.

Until we can resolve this issue, please visit us here at Skippy Jr. for your daily dose of News and Snark.

update: rants from the rookery tells us several blogs have been blocked:


sinfonian of blast off

libby of the impolitic

fourlegs at plush life

dr. dawg at dawg's blawg

addendum: the guys from area 51 have also been blocked!

double addendum: and maru! and carrie!