Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the over-flow from the mix tape

hello, moue magazine readers! welcome to the 12 songs we couldn't fit onto the original mix tape.

in no particular order, they are:

b 52’s - dance this mess around

johnny cashhurt - brilliant rendition of the nin song. also, we believe, the man in black's last music video.

roger waters - pros and cons of hitchhiking - from post-floyd waters, who was much better than post-beatles mccartney, the p&c of h manages to echo the weirdest parts of such prior hits as the dark side of the moon and wish you were here (tho he's no syd barrett).

ludwig van beethoven - symphonie no. 9 in d minor, opus 125 - here conducted by leonard bernstein upon the occasion of the fall of the berlin wall, the participants included musicians and singers from major orchestras all across europe and america.

flying lizardsmoney - the third best cover song ever recorded; the second being by the scissor sisters on the first part of this mix tape; and the first being restricted by the record company, or else prince..

tone loc - funky cold medina

buck owens - act naturally - buck holds a special place in skippy's heart...the skippy's would often celebrate their wedding anniversary by driving from los angeles up to bakersfield to see buck's show at the crystal palace. they would alwasy request this number, and he would always perform it for them. once he used their anniversary for a punchline for a joke on stage, giving mr. and mrs. skippy great delight...even in his old age, buck gave a hell of a show. he will be missed.

the nails - 88 lines about 44 women – we couldn’t find an official video for this, so we’re using a homemade specialty by some fanboy who happens to luv kim possible...early 21st century cartoons set to mid-80's new wave...somehow, strangely, it works.

the platters - only you & the great pretender – upon the sad occasion of zola taylor’s passing.

sleater-kinneyentertain – too bad these girls broke up; they rock our world.

lee ann rimes - how do I live? – tho trisha yearwood had a bigger hit w/this number, we like lee ann’s version.

weird al yankovicbob – read it backwards!


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