Tuesday, July 11, 2006

contents of email from the jawa report to skippy:

skippy –

i can't think of a non-lefty blogger who doesn't despise and publicly denounce fred phelps. (i use "non-lefty" instead of "conservative" because i don't necessarily consider myself a "conservative.") i don't regularly correspond with that many lefty bloggers, but i assume they feel the same way.

if you think the non-lefties have anything at all in common with the evil freak that is fred phelps, you completely fail to understand us and what we stand for. in case you missed it: i hate fred phelps.

phelps never fails to draw derision from the non-lefty bloggers whenever he pops up his nasty head. he is one of the figures most hated by the group--likely even more so than ted kennedy and jacques chirac (if you can believe that).

believe it or not, we even denounce ann coulter on occasion when her behaviour calls for it. for example, when ann used the word "raghead" in a speech last year, michelle malkin didn't hesitate to pounce on her, and with good reason. when pat robertson runs his big mouth, there are plenty of us more than happy to give him the rhetorical "stiff arm" when it's called for.

below are a few recent posts relating to phelps & his crew, some from names you probably know. after you read these posts, i'd be curious to know whether you continue to believe that non-lefty bloggers coddle or ignore phelps, or do anything other than unequivocally denounce him.






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