Thursday, October 14, 2004

dueling polls

only proving the irrelevance of national polls, cbs has awol ahead "by a hair," but usatoady has kerry ahead by one point, while zogby has them tied.

cbs tells us:

a new poll by cbs news released tuesday gives mr. bush a 48-45 percent edge over kerry among likely voters – a lead that's within the poll's margin of error. the survey found that kerry has the advantage over mr. bush on the economy, while the president retains his lead as the candidate best able to fight the war on terror.

separately, a new zogby poll shows mr. bush and kerry tied at 45 percent each, while a usa today/cnn/gallup survey gives kerry a 49-48 percent edge.

• nearly two of three voters call the economy only fair or poor. a plurality says it's getting worse. in september, a plurality said it was getting better.

• attitudes about iraq are as negative as they were in may, the previous low point — a time soon after photos of abused iraqi prisoners had been released and an american contractor beheaded. a 54% majority now says the war wasn't worth it.

• confidence that the united states is winning the war on terror also slipped a bit, though a majority still express satisfaction with how it's going.

• kerry is preferred on almost every domestic issue over bush, with an edge of 29 points on the environment, 19 points on health care, 13 points on the federal budget deficit. he holds an advantage on handling medicare, social security, education and the economy.
it's a horse race! (in more ways than one...kerry looks like a horse, and awol is almost as smart as one!)

fanmail from some flounders

elise of afterschool snack links to a tom tomorrow report about atrocities in iraq.

the kids at the daily cookie send us the

voter registration, dems need not apply

several instances of registration fraud, all facilitated by organizations tied directly to the rnc, have recently come to light in at least three different states.

one quick thinking librarian in oregon discovered that sproul & associates was not affiliated with the non-partisan america votes! group, as first claimed. the jackson co. mail tribune:

a local librarian checking on a company’s request to set up a voter registration booth in the library discovered the company was not affiliated with a non-partisan national group as it claimed.

sproul & associates, inc. of phoenix, ariz., phoned and mailed the library in september, saying it had been hired by america votes.

that came as news to america votes.

"this organization (sproul) absolutely has nothing to do with america votes," said kevin looper, the state organizing director for america votes…

libraries in oregon and other states have been contacted by sproul. looper said attorneys at america votes’ washington, d.c. headquarters have taken over.

"we are in the process of pursuing all of our legal options to pursue (an order to) cease and desist."
well, what difference does it make what they call themselves, you may ask? as long as they register people to vote, it's all good, right? that depends on whether they tear up the forms belonging to democrats or not. the asspress tells us:

[oregon] secretary of state bill bradbury and attorney general hardy myers plan to investigate allegations that a paid canvasser might have destroyed voter registration forms.

"there have been allegations made that someone threw out some voter registration forms that had been submitted to them," bradbury told the associated press late tuesday. "this is a violation of the law and i will meet with the attorney general in the morning to talk about what we can do to pursue this, and to make sure it doesn't happen again."

bradbury learned of the conduct from kgw-tv, which interviewed mike johnson, 20, a canvasser who said he was instructed to only accept republican registration forms. he told the tv reporter that he "might" destroy forms turned in by democrats.

"i have never in my five years as secretary of state ever seen an allegation like the one that came up tonight — ever," bradbury said. "i mean, frankly, it just totally offends me that someone would take someone else's registration and throw it out."
and it's not just oregon. in nevada, a witness saw employees of a voter registration company actually destroy democratic applications. klas-tv in las vegas:

the i-team has obtained information about an alleged widespread pattern of potential registration fraud aimed at democrats. the focus of the story is a private registration company called voters outreach of america, aka america votes.

the out-of-state firm has been in las vegas for the past few months, registering voters. it employed up to 300 part-time workers and collected hundreds of registrations per day, but former employees of the company say that voters outreach of america only wanted republican registrations.

two former workers say they personally witnessed company supervisors rip up and trash registration forms signed by democrats.

"we caught her taking democrats out of my pile, handed them to her assistant and he ripped them up right in front of us. i grabbed some of them out of the garbage and she tells her assisatnt to get those from me," said eric russell, former voters outreach employee.

eric russell managed to retrieve a pile of shredded paperwork including signed voter registration forms, all from democrats. we took them to the clark county election department and confirmed that they had not, in fact, been filed with the county as required by law.
kesq in palm springs links the company directly to the rnc:

las vegas t-v station k-l-a-s reported last night that an organization called voters' outreach of america destroyed registration forms filled out by democrats.

and a classified ad in the reno gazette-journal said the company was hiring workers to register voters "in support of the g-o-p."

the ad says it was paid for by the republican national committee.

as drudge says, developing...

the "no spin" erogenous zone

thanks to a heads up from holden caufield at first draft, we find out that an associate producer on the "o'reilly factor" is contemplating suing bill o'reilly for sexual harrassment. but, in this age of pre-emptive strikes, o'reilly has filed a suit already, charging the woman with extortion. reuters:

fox news personality bill o'reilly sued one of his associate producers and her lawyer on wednesday, alleging they threatened him with a high profile sexual harassment case unless he and fox paid $60 million in ``hush money”…

benedict morelli, the lawyer named as a defendant in the case, did not immediately return phone calls. the associate producer, andrea mackris, still works at fox but could not be reached for comment. her voice mail recording identified her as an associate producer of ``the o'reilly factor.''

the suit states that mackris began working as an associate producer on the program in april 2000. she left for a few months earlier this year to work for cnn but returned to fox in july.

although mackris had never previously complained to anyone in authority at fox about sexual harassment by o'reilly, last month her lawyer began threatening to sue fox over offensive statements made to her, the suit said.

during a meeting morelli had with fox and news corp representatives, he showed them a draft of the complaint containing lengthy quotes that came from

those darn cookies

the kids at the daily cookie send us a few morsels:

that's uncalled for has awol's debate notes;

a new blog, rufnkiddingme?;

and this nation piece about james baker's manipulations of the iraqi debt after the first gulf war.

happy ramadan from the bush economic team

initial unemployment claims jumped more than anyone expected today, to the highest figure in more than seven months. reuters:

the number of people filing an initial claim for u.s. jobless aid rose more than expected to 352,000 last week, a government report showed on thursday.

initial jobless claims rose 15,000 from an upwardly revised 337,000 in the prior week, the labor department said. economists forecast a climb to 340,000 from the originally reported 335,000 in the week ended oct. 2.

the closely watched four-week moving average of claims, which irons out week-to-week volatility, rose for the fifth straight week, climbing to 353,000 in the week ended oct. 9 from an upwardly revised 349,000 in the previous week.

the moving average was at its highest since 355,500 in the week ended feb. 28.

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