Tuesday, October 19, 2004

tainted glove

[ed. note: referencing a motorcycle clothing accessory for that pun is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?]

appropos of nothing except that we loved their hit and their band name, we bring you the news that marc almand, half of the 80's group soft cell, was injured in a motorcycle crash. reuters:

british singer marc almond, who had a worldwide hit in 1981 with "tainted love" as part of duo soft cell, was recovering in hospital monday after a motorcycle crash, police said.

the 47-year-old, english-born singer was the passenger on a bike that collided with a car near st. paul's cathedral in central london sunday. the driver of the motorcycle was also hospitalized.

"there was a serious collision between a car and a motorcycle in london sunday afternoon and the motorcycle passenger, marc almond, suffered severe injuries," a city of london police spokesman said.
we wish mr. almand only the best, as he is apparently in serious condition. the duo's rendition of the old gloria jones r&b standard, especially the long-form version where it sequed into the supremes' "where did the love go?", was one of the most interesting things to come out of the 80's.

like a xerox of a xerox, there's nothing like a cover of a cover. search for "tainted" on this page to see how many bands covered soft cell's cover.

and finally, though we don't wish to make light of mr. almand's condition, we have to point out the final line in the reuters piece:

soft cell split in 1984 but reunited for a show in 2001.
would that be reverse mitosis?


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