Thursday, October 14, 2004

the "no spin" erogenous zone

thanks to a heads up from holden caufield at first draft, we find out that an associate producer on the "o'reilly factor" is contemplating suing bill o'reilly for sexual harrassment. but, in this age of pre-emptive strikes, o'reilly has filed a suit already, charging the woman with extortion. reuters:

fox news personality bill o'reilly sued one of his associate producers and her lawyer on wednesday, alleging they threatened him with a high profile sexual harassment case unless he and fox paid $60 million in ``hush money”…

benedict morelli, the lawyer named as a defendant in the case, did not immediately return phone calls. the associate producer, andrea mackris, still works at fox but could not be reached for comment. her voice mail recording identified her as an associate producer of ``the o'reilly factor.''

the suit states that mackris began working as an associate producer on the program in april 2000. she left for a few months earlier this year to work for cnn but returned to fox in july.

although mackris had never previously complained to anyone in authority at fox about sexual harassment by o'reilly, last month her lawyer began threatening to sue fox over offensive statements made to her, the suit said.

during a meeting morelli had with fox and news corp representatives, he showed them a draft of the complaint containing lengthy quotes that came from


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