Thursday, October 14, 2004

dueling polls

only proving the irrelevance of national polls, cbs has awol ahead "by a hair," but usatoady has kerry ahead by one point, while zogby has them tied.

cbs tells us:

a new poll by cbs news released tuesday gives mr. bush a 48-45 percent edge over kerry among likely voters – a lead that's within the poll's margin of error. the survey found that kerry has the advantage over mr. bush on the economy, while the president retains his lead as the candidate best able to fight the war on terror.

separately, a new zogby poll shows mr. bush and kerry tied at 45 percent each, while a usa today/cnn/gallup survey gives kerry a 49-48 percent edge.

• nearly two of three voters call the economy only fair or poor. a plurality says it's getting worse. in september, a plurality said it was getting better.

• attitudes about iraq are as negative as they were in may, the previous low point — a time soon after photos of abused iraqi prisoners had been released and an american contractor beheaded. a 54% majority now says the war wasn't worth it.

• confidence that the united states is winning the war on terror also slipped a bit, though a majority still express satisfaction with how it's going.

• kerry is preferred on almost every domestic issue over bush, with an edge of 29 points on the environment, 19 points on health care, 13 points on the federal budget deficit. he holds an advantage on handling medicare, social security, education and the economy.
it's a horse race! (in more ways than one...kerry looks like a horse, and awol is almost as smart as one!)


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