Tuesday, April 22, 2003

friends don't let friends make "mr. and mrs. north"

who knew we were joanne woodward's personal friend? not us. but we got this important email from her concerning global warming, and thought we'd share it with you:

dear friend:

this earth day, please join with me and my husband paul newman to help secure the health of our planet for future generations: add your name to environmental defense's petition on global warming and join one million citizen co-sponsors of the mccain-lieberman climate stewardship act to halt global warming.

click here to sign the petition.

for nearly a decade, paul and i have been learning about the human causes of global warming - principally the burning of fossil fuels. global warming poses a grave
threat that is becoming apparent already: extreme temperature swings... drought... flooding... the spread of tropical diseases like malaria to previously non-tropical
areas... the loss of wildlife habitat... and a rise in sea level that threatens to flood coastal areas.

the good news is that solutions exist today to curb global warming. senate leaders john mccain (r-az) and joe lieberman (d-ct) have joined together to introduce unprecedented bipartisan legislation - the climate stewardship act - that would cap and reduce the pollution that causes global warming. this critical legislation
won't pass, however, without broad public support. that is why paul and i are asking you to join environmental defense's campaign to get one million people to sign the global warming petition and to become citizen co-sponsors of this groundbreaking legislation.

can i count on you? all you need to do to is click here to add your name to those who support the mccain-lieberman bill. after that, please tell all your friends and family to join with us. you can easily do so by forwarding this e-mail message to all your friends.

given the power of the lobbyists and the special-interest groups, you and i must raise our voices and be heard! or by default, the special interests will win while the rest of us lose.

what could be more important on earth day than to help change the direction of u.s. policy on global warming? please click here to sign the petition now.

to learn more about the issue, click here.

your friend,

joanne woodward chair,
global warming action network