Friday, November 08, 2002

fair may be limbaugh, but limbaugh isn't fair

we got this email from fairness & accuracy in reporting, and thought we'd share it with you:

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Media analysis, critiques and activism

Limbaugh's Liberal Media Proof: Too Good To Be True

November 7, 2002

On the topic of biased or inadequate media coverage of the elections, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh had a noteworthy take: On his November 4 radio show, he claimed that the New York Times was apparently hiding a news report favorable to Republicans.

The Times reported that Republican candidates were likely to win some key Congressional races. According to Limbaugh, "In fact, you can't find this story. You know where I found this New York Times story? In some little paper, like the Oshkosh Gazette or something. But it's an Adam Clymer story.... I can't find it in the Times, but the Times guy wrote it. It's so good for the Republicans, I don't think it made the Times, and went out on a New York Times wire service or news service, I think."

The problem with Limbaugh's media analysis? Clymer's report, "Control of House Expected to Stay in Hands of G.O.P.," was printed on the front page of the Times on November 4-- the same day Limbaugh was on the airwaves telling his listeners that he couldn't find the story in the Times. It appeared in the top right-hand column of the paper-- the spot the paper reserves for what it considers its most important stories.

Despite his questionable observation skills, Limbaugh was a featured analyst on NBC during its election night coverage.

To read the Times story that Limbaugh apparently couldn't find, go to:
(*registration required)

To read Limbaugh's analysis on his website:


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