Friday, October 18, 2002


so many great blogs have linked to us this past week, and our site meter counter went up so high, we thought we were glenn reynolds for a second! we must now take time to thank everybody who was kind enough to direct net surfers to our words...

most recently, we thank avedon carol of the sideshow for taking off on our rant about bloggers being as good as media talking heads. dr. carol expounds upon our thesis quite eruditely, in fact, even better than we did, with great specific examples!

and so many people seemed to enjoy our screed about chickenhawks, we have to thank lean left and pla and ruminate this!, and the gweilo diaries and blue streak and seeing the forest and sisyphus shrugged.

and we certainly stirred up a hornets nest with our argument in favor of ballistic fingerprinting. gail davis took the con to our pro, and the hamster and talkleft kindly linked to it, as well. (by the way, hamster, tapped didn't put us on their blogroll either! so screw 'em!)

of course, we shouldn't really count silflay hraka who publishes us every week in their on-going series carnival of the vanities, which includes plenty of fine writing by plenty of fine bloggers. go check it out, and if you'd like to participate, drop bigwig a line there at silflay.

and last but not least, thanks to freepie for thanking us back! you're welcome!


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